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ASPIRE Annual Leadership Awards


ASPIRE is Committed to Leadership in the Community

 The ASPIRE group honors community leaders who are selected by local organizations on the basis of sustained, positive, and visionary leadership with the goal of serving the greater Severna Park community. Community Leadership and Heritage Awards are presented for outstanding and long-term service.   

2019 Past Honorees

Community Leadership Award

  • Ann Brennan - Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce
  • Randy Bruns - Magothy River Association
  • Linda Curry - Greater Severna Park Council
  • Alden Gross - Severna Park Kiwanis
  • Diana Pechous - Partners In Care
  • Bob Royer - Berrywood Community Association
  • Celine Wachter - Severna Park Elks Lodge 2482 

Heritage Awards

  • ACAN - Asbury Church Assistance Network
  • Cisco Center
  • Lt. Wilbur L. Wells, Maryland State Police 

Nominate Your Leaders

The Annual Leadership Awards are generally held in the March time frame. If your group would like to nominate individuals for this honor, please contact Susan Nolte at 


2018 Past Honorees

Community Leadership Award 

  • Warden W. Bailey - Severna Park Elks Lodge #2642
  • Linda Dennis - Partners In Care
  • Debby Hannum - Severna Park Kiwanis
  • Dr. Ronald A. Phipps - Orphan Grain Train 
  • Lynne Rockenbauch - Severn River Association 
  • Chuck Roydhouse - Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce
  • Holly Slack - Greater Severna Park Council 
  • Russell B. Stevenson Jr. - Magothy River Association 
  • Jonathan and Stephanie Swain - Shipley’s Choice Community Association 


Heritage Awards

  • Barbara Huston
  • Pat Troy
  • Linda Zahn

Additional Past Honorees (2012 - 2017)

  • Wes Adams, Greater Severna Park Council
  • Andy Borland – Severna Park Community Center 
  • Jim Brennan – Greater Severna Park Watershed Action Group 
  • Nick Codd - Severna Park Community Center
  • John Dawson - Greater Severna Park Watershed Action Group
  • Diane Evans – Partners in Care 
  • Martin Gorman, Ledo Pizza
  • Tom Hampton - Magothy River Association
  • Judy Harris, SPAN  (Serving People Across Neighborhoods)  
  • Marjorie S. Holt - Linstead Community Association  
  • Marty Horich - Severna Park Elks Lodge
  • Dr. Jessica Heard – Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce 
  • Nadine Jacobs, Kiwanis Club of Severna Park
  • Rachel Jacobs, Kiwanis Club of Severna Park  
  • Al Johnston - Greater Severna Park Council
  • Kelly Kalinowski, Magothy River Association
  • Margaret Kaylor - Partners In Care
  • Ted Mathison, SPAN 
  • Gladney and Bob McKay, Partners in Care  
  • Christ Mowry - Greater Severna Park Rotary Club
  • Dan Nataf, Ph. D. – Greater Severna Park Council 
  • Charlie Nolte – Magothy River Association 
  • Steve Poland – Greater Severna Park Council 
  • Anne Schellie – Chesapeake Academy 
  • Gene Stastny, Kiwanis Club of Severna Park
  • Rick Sutton, Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce
  • Deborah Tocknell, Partners in Care
  • Arthur Timmons, Greater Severna Park Council
  • Rhonda Toney, Chartwell Community Association
  • Carl Treff, Magothy River Association
  • Cathy Vitale (Heritage)
  • Coleman Eldridge (Heritage)  
  • Mike Whittles - Greater Severna Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Ed “Coach” Wilson (Heritage)